Our Heart and Soul

Here at Meridian Events we are passionate about many things. Two of the most important are Dreams, and Stories. We want your dream for your wedding day to be a very real, very important part of your story.

There are going to be many pieces to your wedding day and we would love the chance to guide, advise, organize, and manage all the necessary details for you to bring your wedding dreams to life. In order to do that, we feel that it is best for you to get to know us and to understand our story and how we came to be so passionate about turning your wedding dreams in to reality.

Its simple really, our team worked in a variety of jobs throughout the industry, each time having to take on different roles to connect and manage vendors, to fix issues that nobody was taking care of, doing whatever was needed to ensure our couples had perfect beautiful weddings. Eventually we decided we could do it better and we began planning the weddings of few friends, then a few more. After a while we got referrals from friends of friends. All leading up to today.

The way we see it people are important. Our couples are important.Our couples dreams are important. We are honored to have been trusted with such a special moment in the lives of our couples and it brings us great joy and satisfaction at the end of a wedding day to see the dream we have brought to life in the story of our couples and that is really what were all about. Doing everything we can to bring your dream to life.

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