Community Over Competition

Over the years of working as a Wedding Planner I have worked with many amazing professionals and been a part of many groups. Currently I am in awe of the group of amazing planners that I have had the pleasure to work alongside, support their passion projects, and journey through some extremely difficult times together. The way they have chosen to encourage, teach, mentor, and love one another instead of trying to beat, bash, and outshine each other is inspiring. Therefore, I really wanted to give each one a shout out and let you guys know that they played a huge role in inspiring us to always strive for the best for our couples.

First off is our fearless leader Ilana Rubin who is the owner of Perfect the Event. Aside from the outrageously elegant and perfectly organized weddings that she creates, Ilana always encourages us to grow and challenges us to be better for our clients. Ilana is the epitome of Community over Competition. I am constantly inspired by Ilana on a daily basis.

She is also the creator of the group of planners whom have come together to bring you our COVID Blog series that will help all of our couples navigate this difficult time.

Next is Emma Seitz, a master of multitasking and owner of Leta Verbena. Emma has continually encouraged me to do what I love and pursue my dreams even as she has pursued her own! So excited for Leta Verbena and this next stage in her career. If you would like to see some of the stunning floral arrangements she has done click here.

I have also had the wonderful pleasure of assisting Cassie Howard at several different events over the last year and have absolutely grown as a result of her positive and knowledgeable influence. I am already looking forward to this next wedding season and getting to participate in the elegant weddings that she creates. You can see her work here at Events By Cassie

Finally I’d like to shout out to Sarah Bond with whom I have assisted on several challenging weddings and am just in sheer awe over how effortless she can plan, run, and love on the couples she is working with on their wedding day. Sarah turns every seemingly stressful part of the planning process into something fun and memorable. I am truly grateful to have been able to occasionally pop in and assist Sarah at Grace and Gold Events.

There are many more incredible planners that I have interacted with and I am looking forward to continuing to work with them and to get to know them as well. Of particular interest is the group of planners I am currently working with to create our Covid Blog series so that all of our couples will know what to expect and how to navigate the unexpected changes to the wedding industry. Stay Tuned!

Best Regards

Austin Mayoral

Lead Event Planner

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